You have heard this many times, but I believe you have noticed it yourself – Pinterest is one of the main sources of traffic.

If you ask me, I definitely agree that Pinterest is very, very important. Take the time to learn how it actually works.

Believe me, it will be helpful to you …

If you have already agreed, and you are already aware of how important Pinterest is to your blog, today I want to share a few equally important things with you.

Today I will share with you some mistakes you make in designing your pins.

Make sure your pins are as beautiful as possible.

These are the most common design mistakes you make on Pinterest:

  • Not relevant picture for your pin

I think this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The image you post must be relevant to the content of the pin, and the blog post it represents.

Pinterest itself notices the image you post on your pin, so it can show it to people searching for similar content.

If you write a post related to social media and post a picture of a fish, it will certainly have no connection for you or those who want to share the pin.

So be careful, try to make the image of your pin related to the text of the pin and the content of your blog post.

  • Size of your pins

The recommended size of your pins by Pinterest is 1000px by 1500 px.

When scrolling down on Pinterest you will notice that all the pins that appear are almost the same size. This is so for a special reason.

If your pin is very small then it probably will not be noticed.

  • Grammar mistakes

Try not to make grammatical mistakes.

This may not seem so important to you, but it certainly is. Some people do not want to see grammatical mistakes in the text of your pin. I’m sure you are not doing this on purpose but read it again before posting.

Sometimes I make grammatical mistakes too (my native language is not English), but I try to keep them to a minimum. It’s much easier to fix a blog post mistakes, but once you post your pin – that’s it, there’s no going back.

  • The colors of the pin text

Make sure the text on your pins is good for reading.

If the color of the text does not attract people to read your pin, then it certainly will not make them open your blog post.

Think carefully about the colors you will use.

  • Copyright your pins

You can often see the same pin used for different purposes and from different profiles. Pins are often stolen.

But of course, there is a solution for this as well. A very common mistake that is made is not marking your pins with your logo, caption, or maybe a link from your website.

Therefore, my advice is: set aside a small area from your pin for a small version of your logo or enter the name of your web/blog.


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