You have probably read somewhere about the large amount of money that a blogger has earned through blogging. The idea of starting to make money from blogging attracted you.

Many people start with blogging because they want to. But some people want to make money from blogging and that is the only reason why they want to start blogging.

You post good content all the time, but you do not see enough income as some bloggers do.

To make money from blogging, first, start looking at blogging as a business (your own business).

If blogging is just a hobby for you then you will not be fully committed to it and it will never be your priority.

  • Target audience

To start, you need to know that if blogging is your hobby then you can write about everything that comes to mind at the moment, and there is no need to define a specific audience.

But if you want to make money and blogging is your business, then you need to have a well-defined audience and know exactly what you need to write. You need to know who you are targeting.

  • Business mindset

The way you think is very important. If you think you will not make money from your blog, then you will not. If you think that blogging is your business, then you will start earning money.

But there is a possibility that you will not receive money right away. That should not disappoint you.

Everything in life takes time. Therefore, think positively and positive things will happen. Have a business mindset and you will start earning.

  • You must have a goal

Every post you write should have a specific purpose. A goal that will cover a specific group. You need to know why you are writing.  You need to have a pre-determined goal for each post you write.

  • Business plan

Every business activity requires a business plan. Even very simple things in life are guided by pre-planned activities. Then why not do the same with your blog?

For your business to succeed, your blog needs a business plan. Don’t forget this.

  • Possibility of failure

Sometimes things will not go according to plan. We need to be prepared to face failure as well.

But that does not mean we should give up. When you fail, you need to work much harder than before. Do not give up. I believe that you can and that you will succeed. Start learning from your failure. 

“A smart man makes a mistakelearns from it, and never makes that mistake again.” – Roy H. Williams, U.S. author and marketing expert.

  • Invest in your business

As a business owner, you need to know that it is good to use your income to learn new things that will help you grow your business.

New bloggers do not want to invest because they are afraid of failure. But it is much better if they invest and pay for hosting if they pay for a certain course that will help them a lot in the future.

  • Plan your working hours

If you want blogging to be your job then you need to set aside certain hours. This is good because you can manage your time on your own. For example; if you have to work 8 hours, plan your time by working from 8 to 12 o’clock so you will take a longer break for other activities, and in the evening you can work from 5 to 9 p.m.

Once you have decided that blogging is your business, follow these few steps, and I guarantee you will make progress. Remember, you should not give up, just be committed and believe in yourself.


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