Many people think that they can lose weight overnight, i.e. that a few weeks diet will show results overnight, and from the next day you have the desired weight and appearance.

You will begin to notice the difference gradually. It will not happen overnight.

The scale numbers do not always indicate that you are on the right track. Maybe the scale numbers will be the same for a while and will not vary. That is why sometimes you need to follow other signs.

Here are some of the signs:

  • Better mood

Physical activity helps a lot in reducing stress and anxiety. Also, physical activity increases adrenaline and dopamine which help in feeling happy and satisfied.

The fact is that physical and mental health are interrelated. Therefore, improving better mood is one of the first changes you will feel after you start exercising.

  • Better sleep

You can get better and better sleep only if you are physically active. Physical activity will help you to have no more sleep problems.

Try to have a sleep schedule and try to stick to it.

  • Household chores no longer exhaust you

You already have more energy. So doing your homework is no longer as exhausting as it used to be.

It is now easier to cook lunch, wash dishes, run around your children to avoid any trouble, or play. It is no longer a problem to go up and down the stairs, and if you have forgotten something, think for 5 minutes if you really need it so much.

You now have more strength. You want to bend over and transplant your flowers. You want to pay more attention to them. Then you will easily get up and lift your laundry basket. You will not call for help. By exercising – you have more strength.

  • Not craving for junk food as often

Once you have started exercising, you must have started to pay attention to your diet. You must have started avoiding junk food.

If you ignore the package of chips on the table and reach for some fruit or vegetables that are standing there, know that you are already on the right track. Just keep it up.

When you exercise your body does not need as much unhealthy food as it used to. This will gradually become a habit. After a while, you will not even want to buy chips, chocolate, or Coca-Cola from the market.

Do not misunderstand me, not that you should not eat junk food at all, but you simply will not have as much need as you have before.

  • You need other clothes

You may not notice a change in the scales, but you will certainly notice a change in your clothes. Some pieces of clothing will already be large.

I believe this will make you happier. At least for me, this is the most beautiful change. I notice, everyone around me also notices.

Scale numbers do not always matter. There are other things that will express your effort to make a change in your body.


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