The Viral Pin Formula Every Pinterest Blogger Should Know


You probably already know what a viral pin means.
 But if in doubt, here it is: A viral pin is a pin that becomes popular very quickly and gains tons of repins and saves in a short period. A viral pin may bring you hundreds, maybe thousands of visitors to your site.

Pinterest growth is usually stable and slow. Viral pins are very important. If you have an email marketing system then you can have quite a bit of traffic. When your pins go viral you will be able to see many email registrations and even sales of your products.

When you have a lot of re-pins, then more Pinterest will see your account as a favorite for other people, for the audience. So, you get more traffic from Pinterest.

Visual interest is a key

Your pins need to have a good visual appearance to be more noticeable and to have more clicks. Use a good background for your perfect pin. Uses different fonts to interest the reader. And last but not least, use warm colors. This will make your pin easily noticeable and tempting to click.

Viral pins are easy to read

People are scrolling really fast. Their eye can not see pins that are not easy to read and that do not have warm colors. Therefore creating pins that will be noticeable and with less text to read, and of course text must be understandable, will have more virality.

It is also very important not to use the same image font. Add more fonts to make the image more compelling.

The image must associates the Pin’s topic

The Pinterest algorithm use images to determine what the pin is about, and to whom it should show it. So do not pin with solid backgrounds because Pinterest does not recognize that.

Pinterest appreciates the photos. This is because Pinterest is actually a visual platform. If your picture has a computer or desk, then Pinterest will show you more topics related to entrepreneurship, management, marketing, careers, business and so on.

If you want your pins to go viral, then follow these few rules. I guarantee you that this will bring you a good result. Maybe the best. Use this “formula” and write me your experiences and suggestions.


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