How to Write Profitable Blog Content


In case if you want blogging to be your online business then you need to focus on writing and creating profitable content. Profitable content will be sales-oriented and therefore, your blog is actually your business.

For start, you should know that you should not have blog posts that will be cluttered with affiliate links. For example, you should not have recipe sites crashing under the burden of too many pop-up ads, and an overall icky slimy feeling.

You need to have positive and effective content that will be: useful, will keep the reader interested, and will be easy to navigate.

Profitable blog content is very helpful

You need to have useful content to have sales. No one wants to buy from an online site that looks dishonest and has no useful content.

When you write useful, effective content, you will generate more sales.

Keep the reader interested

This rule is related to the first rule.

Your content should be good. You need to offer enough to the audience. There shouldn’t be so much text, the message should be short and clear.

Use good font, warm colors, and short but good text. This will keep your readers interested and they may want to buy something from your site.

It is easy to navigate

If you have a page that is hard to navigate, filled with flashing banners and pop-up ads, and is convoluted, then no one will want to buy from you. It is not easy on the eye and creates an uncomfortable feeling.

I will never buy anything from a hard-to-navigate site.

I prefer blog posts that are easy on the eye, with warm colors, and load quite quickly.

Creating good content is time-consuming. Taking pictures, editing a picture, posting, writing, thinking, is not as simple as it actually seems. You also need a good organization of your time to be able to do this well.

 Blogging is a part-time job for someone and a full-time job for others. No matter what group you belong to, you can always make money from blogging. You just need good organization.

Now you are probably wondering how successful bloggers make profitable content. So here is the answer:

Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways they can monetize their posts. When you use affiliate links in your texts you can get effective sales. But it is also very important, don’t put too many links in the posts. This can only have a negative effect. Readers will get bored of looking at links, so they will start reading and visiting other posts.

Tip plus: link your affiliate product 3 times in your blog post. At the very beginning, somewhere in the middle, and of course at the end.

Use your e-mail list

Don’t be afraid to use your e-mail list to advertise your new “product.” Just be careful not to spam too much. You can remind them for some action, to reduce your product, your book, your  templates …


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