Freelancing and Living a Balanced Life


Everyone knows what freelancing is. In the last few years, you have heard a lot of people, or friends who do freelancing.

During this global pandemic, many more people started freelance work to secure more funding.

Freelance allows you to work from home, work from where you want, how much you want.

Freelancing can get into your life as much as you allow. You can work all day. You may only work a few hours, and then continue to do your daily chores.

Many people who are freelancers are often lonely. They work alone. They are not like those workers who work in an office with many colleagues and during the day will exchange opinions, views, or discuss a topic that is not related to work.  Freelancing can make you feel lonely. People who are freelancers usually talk to their colleagues or clients only via emails. And that conversation happens very rarely.

Sitting at home in front of a computer can be very exhausting. It is very important that you divide your work properly and do not work too much time. Make time for yourself, your partner, relatives, and friends. If you stay home alone and work a lot, and your social life is zero, then you become anxious. You will be upset by everything that is happening around you.

Many people treat stress and tension by eating junk food. It can further contribute to health problems.

Do not expect to be the best at what you do every day. There will be days when the client will praise you for being good and doing your job well, and there will be days when you will lose clients, and you will not be the best.

So do not take everything to heart. If you are good at what you do, you may get new customers tomorrow.

You need to find a balance between freelancing and your lifestyle. As I mentioned before, make a good plan, a good organization of your time and I’m sure you can achieve more.

Make time for coffee with friends, for theater, for your partner, to visit parents. Also very important, when you are a freelancer do not forget about physical activity. It is very important. If you do not have time for the gym, then take your dog for a walk. Walk around your neighborhood.

Do not forget about your social life. Work is not everything in life.

Extra tip: make a plan, write down when you will start to work and when you will finish, when you will drink coffee with your friends, and when you walk your dog. I am sure this will help you, and you will be better organized.


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