When you sit down to write a new blog post you surely think about what you will write next.
 Every blogger goes through the same situation. Everyone is thinking about this topic.

At some point you feel  helpless, you think you have no more ideas. You think that your blog post will be finished soon.

Many of you are already parents, or have a full-time job. I understand, you do not have enough time to devote to blogging.

I will share with you a few basic things that will help you be more organized than ever.

Here are my tips:

  1. Think about your vision for blogging.

I think this is the easiest step. You just need a little motivation. Think of a few ideas and write them down in your planner or on a piece of paper.

This part will not take away much of your precious time. Build a vision of what you want your blog to look like.

Write down all the ideas that come to mind and then develop them into a good and popular topic for writing.

  • Work often on a new content

Working on new content is not the same as working on a new blog post every day. This is one of the most common blogging mistakes. And this is one of the biggest myths.

Working every day means something else. Explore, photograph, capture, edit images, there is so much to do. This will help you in writing a new blog post (maybe it will inspire you for a new topic).

 But please remember, you do not need to post a new blog every day.

  • Always respond to Email and comments

It often happens that you write a comment under a post or send an email to a blogger without receiving a response. This irritates me terribly.

We are all too busy. But if you want to make good contact (virtual) you need to take some time and respond to your readers. That will mean a lot to them. Maybe you can help them start a blog. Maybe they will share interesting content with you, so this could be your new blog post.

It takes a lot of time, but at least return to a few days. Leave the rest for tomorrow.

I do this at the end of the day. I like when I read a nice message when I read that I helped someone.

  •  Post on Social Media every day

This is something you need to do every day. You need to dedicate at least some of your precious time and post different things. You get the most traffic through social media.

There are many schedulers that will help you save your precious time. They will practically post for you, and you will have more time to relax or spend more time with your family, friends, or partner.

I can recommend Tailwind. But google more and you will find out many schedulers. They work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • Share your post daily

Sometimes sharing posts is more important than writing new blog posts. This is also a very important thing.

Writing a wonderful, even the best blog post will not bring you any profit or traffic. This is because there is no place where people can see your post.

According to some research and advice from many popular bloggers, you should dedicate at least 20% to writing new blog posts and 80% to promoting them.

  • Make daily checklist

My last tip for today will be a daily checklist. I think this is a must have.

With a daily checklist, you will focus more on the important things, you will know how far you have come and how much time you will have to work.

I believe that if you focus on following all the tips I have given to you, you will make great progress and even greater success.


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